Child Psychology

(0 – 12 Years)

I have specialised in child psychology for over 30 years. Child psychology involves understanding the basic psychological needs for children and how the family and other social contexts influence the socio-emotional adjustment, cognitive development and behavioural adaptation in children, from toddlers to pre-teens.

I assist children with behavioural problems, educational related problems as well as emotional problems, stemming from divorce, bereavement, trauma, bullying and sexual/emotional abuse, through age-appropriate play therapy or psycho-therapy. Issues which may arise in children who have been through some sort of trauma or abuse can manifest in aggression, poor self-image/self-confidence, anxiety, fears, phobias and negative or problematic family or social relationships and related tendencies towards depression.

Whether the cause of the problem is easily identifiable, or whether long-term therapy needs to be conducted to assess the root of the issues, I can help children work through the situations they are faced with and deal with them appropriately, minimising long-term/permanent psychological issues.



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