Parenting Coordination

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When a marriage or relationship does reach the point where the adults in the situation are no longer able to stay together as a couple, one of the most important aspects which needs to take priority is the welfare of any children which the separation affects. I assist parents and primary care givers to establish a mutually agreeable and practical parenting plan which ensures the best interests of the child/children are well looked after.

All too often, the end of a relationship is emotionally volatile which leads to decisions and demands being made which place the child/children in the middle of arguments that they would otherwise be protected from. Having a sound, healthy parenting plan will enable both the adults and children affected by the situation to have clear and set boundaries, and will assist in reducing further conflict, which help when dealing with an already traumatic experience.

I work as both a court-appointed parenting coordinator, as well as privately assisting families in the ongoing co-parenting of children post separation/divorce.



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