Couples Therapy

Pre- and Post-Marriage

Creating a solid foundation for a relationship is of paramount importance for that relationship to last. Couples therapy does not necessarily mean that there is a problem within the relationship that needs fixing, but can also mean that a couple would like to proactively establish tools and skills to ensure a healthy, fulfilling relationship with their spouses.

I do couples therapy with patients before, as well as during marriage. Any relationship can go through turbulent times, and none more so than a marriage. We live in incredibly stressful and busy times, and often focus can be dropped from the most important aspects of a marriage because life gets in the way.

Taking the first step towards a happy, healthy marriage and seeking help early on can often prevent a lot of avoidable hurt and heartache. Having a safe and open space to talk properly, with an objective third party present can start important conversations which lead to better understanding of each other, a more cooperative outlook on the relationship and a solid starting point for moving forward without excess emotional baggage.



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